We have posted 21 sermons by the Rev. Dr. W. Hazaiah Williams for your spiritual reading.
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Arrivals and Departures W Hazaiah Williams

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                                                      Wait On The Lord

                                     To Be Known by God (A Lenten Sermon)

The End of the Year

Christmas - The Season for the One Who is Lost


Moses at Burning Bush


Flaunt A Red Flower

The Root of Your Character

Seek and Ye Shall Find

Labor Day

Searching the Ground of My Intention

What is Truth

God is Firmly Fixed

Easter Sunday

You Are of Inestimable, Utter Worth

Almighty Affection

Arrivals and Departures Interstitials and Prayers is a compilation of short writings that stimulate reflections on our lives or Life itself. The Prayers are more formal and represent Dr. W. Hazaiah Williams' way of addressing and speaking to God. This collection was taken from Dr. W. Hazaiah Williams' sermons/writings/church services during his ministry 1955-1999.  

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