The Church For Today stands in protest of the death of George Floyd and all of the other Black lives that have been taken at the hands of the police.  As a part of our response we offer these two prayers which were prayed as a part of our service by the Rev Dr. W. Hazaiah Williams, the founder of our church. 

Our God,

Amid the wreckage that we have made of this world, we pray for a new awakening to the meaning and the purpose of our lives.

We pray that somehow each of us might make a new and more cogent assessment
of the awful responsibility locked up in us.

We pray for a way out of our corporate madness, for a life above the trite scheming
of our day.

We pray for the continuing possibility that Life’s righteousness and justice might yet seize our own hopes and energize our actions. 

Oh, God, we pray!

Our God,

In the midst of the tumult of the moment, we wait for clarification, some word of meaning, that will tell us by its very sound, that our fear is unnecessary, that, in fact, we are called to more.

We wait for that voice which call for a response from us.

We know, in the depths of our person, that such an encounter is in the shape of an answer to the destructive tendencies of our time.

It is to see ourselves as critical to Thy enterprise, that we pray and wait upon the Life to cut away the encrustment of the culture from our consciousness, that we might hear and know.

Our God, Listen to the dreariness and the agony at the very center of our souls.

We also find meaningful and timely, this sermon by
Rev. Dr. Otis Moss III, pastor of Chicago’s Trinity United Church
of Christ, entitled “The Cross and The Lynching Tree.”

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