The Church for Today was founded by the Rev. Dr. W. Hazaiah Williams in 1956 and remained under his leadership until his death in 1999. Under Dr. Williams’ tutelage, guidance for spiritual growth was given through exploring new worship experiences and active participation in community service. Music as a vehicle to spiritual awareness was and is an important part of the church’s ministry. The church was active in serving the elderly through its “Ministry For The Elderly” program and began a music program, the “Church For Today Concerts,” which was the predecessor of the Four Seasons Arts,

The Church For Today is currently pastored by Reverend William S. Kruse, who served as the church’s Associate Minister from 1974 to 1999.  Rev Kruse was the Co-Director of “Ministry for the Elderly” programs serving seniors in skilled nursing facilities, in the community and through educational programs of the adult education systems of several East Bay communities.  Reverend Kruse also worked in mental health for nearly 30 years in both Alameda and San Mateo counties serving the indigent mentally ill and those with drug addictions.  Currently he works to integrate spirituality and mental health in the Bay Area. 


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